lld 10.0.0 Release Notes


These are in-progress notes for the upcoming LLVM 10.0.0 release. Release notes for previous releases can be found on the Download Page.


This document contains the release notes for the lld linker, release 10.0.0. Here we describe the status of lld, including major improvements from the previous release. All lld releases may be downloaded from the LLVM releases web site.

Non-comprehensive list of changes in this release

COFF Improvements

  • /linkrepro: now takes the filename of the tar archive it writes, instead of the name of a directory that a file called “repro.tar” is created in, matching the behavior of ELF lld.
  • The new /lldignoreenv flag makes lld-link ignore environment variables like %LIB%.

WebAssembly Improvements

  • __data_end and __heap_base are no longer exported by default, as it’s best to keep them internal when possible. They can be explicitly exported with –export=__data_end and –export=__heap_base, respectively.